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Irakere Misa Negra

Areto LD-4267 1986: Catalina 1998: From Havana With Love West Wind CD 2223 (Recorded live in Belgrade 1978) 1987: Live at Ronnie Scott's; The Legendary Irakere in London 1989: Homenaje a Beny Mor 1991: Great Moments 1991: Felicidad 1992: Misa Negra. and after a while, the Orquesta ceased to achieve the function that it was created for and it disappearedD'Rivera (2011: web).[5] . ISBN 158834147X ^ Acosta, Leonardo (2003: 211). At the same time, this period represents the culmination of a series of individual and collective efforts from our so-called transition period, which will end with the Orquesta Cubana de Msica Moderna. ^ Cachao.

Innovations in popular dance music[edit]. VIII. Male vocals. 6:00. At the 1995 Afrocubanismo Festival at the Banff Center in Alberta, Canada, Irakere performed their piece "Xiomara" live on stage with Los Muequitos de Matanzas and Changuito (!Afrocubanismo Live!). All rights reserved. Musicians include:. Trumpeter Jos Crego "El Greco," and saxophonists Carlos Averhoff and Germn Velazco, are heard playing the bop-like horn lines in this dance music. It's based on a legendary 1945 Charlie Parker bebop composition called "Billie's Bounce." Almost every phrase of the Parker song can be found in "Chkere-son" but it's all jumbled together in a very clever and compelling way. The musicians travelled to Santiago to record it.

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